We all have good and bad experiences in our life. It's not important how bad or good that experience was, what matters is how that experience impacts your life going forward... Can you sacrifice your self-respect to achieve your ambition? Or can you let go your ambition just because of your ego? It depends on... Continue Reading →


Peace and trouble travel together in life. But when trouble takes over, we struggle to find the peace. A continuous effort to fight and a hope to get over with it will ignite the way and at the end, we will reach where we want to in search of peace leaving all the troubles behind. And... Continue Reading →


Emotion: A state when one realizes the rush of feelings for someone Expression: An art of expressing the emotion Eyes: A medium of communication to express the emotion It’s unsaid, but conveyed in its true sense.

Destiny – A Hidden Power Or An Excuse

What determines our destiny? Our words, our actions or everything is pre-decided? Whatever we get in life is because of our destiny. Really? NO, I believe that's not true. Then what about the hard work, efforts that we put in to get where we want to land. Sometimes we may face failure even if we... Continue Reading →


People who are opposite to each other, are together and people who are alike, are separated. Compatibility is a state where people develop an understanding of each other and embrace the difference with grace to be able to work together.


The relationship is not a set of compromises, it's a chain of sacrifices that creates an unbreakable bond

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