Tranquility can be sourced from the Five Elements present around us
Five elements – Water, Air, Fire, Earth, and Space. Everything revolves around these five elements because it supplies us with the fundamental principle of life. It is hard to preserve the symmetry of these five elements, even nature struggles to preserve equilibrium. Any imbalance can cause devastation, but balance can facilitate you to find ‘Solace’.
In the above picture, you will find all the five elements – water, earth, space, the color that represents fire and of course air. These are present around us, in fact, our life is made of these elements. These elements not only represent the nature, but also the state of human emotions. Imbalance in these elements affects our lives, where as balance can provide peace.
1. Water: when its calm, provides vision, ideas, and clarity of thoughts. But when it is violated, destroys the peace of mind.
2. Air: it represents movement and connection to the life forces. Still or slow blowing air provides refreshment, positivity, and happiness. Where as tempestuous wind discourage us from standing firmly and we fear to take risk.
3. Fire: it is a driving force that brings fame and recognition. When in controlled, provides confidence and enthusiasm, but when uncontrolled, generate only heat (anger) and burn our strength, power, and relations.
4. Earth: symbolize thought and action. In a balanced state, it provides stability in life. In an imbalanced state, discourage the elements that induce stability, patience, and maturity.
5. Space: it’s the charge of our destiny. In a balanced state, it helps us to expand, explore and enhance our mental space by acquiring and spreading knowledge and awareness. In an imbalanced state, abolish our sense of direction and ability to organize. 
When we have all the elements within and around us, why do we look up to people for the solution and consolation in a distress situation?
Come out of your shell to realize your inner strength and breathe in fresh air, stand nearby calm water beneath the open space on a plane and let the color of hope (will power) transform your inner-self.

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