An age of uncertainty

We are perpetually in the age of uncertainty. How?

We are born to have a life,

A life with a ‘Purpose’,

A purpose to add something in the development of yourself and in turn in the society…

But the question is what purpose do we serve?

To have a purposeful life means to get something and give something back in return so that there could be an addition to you, as well as in the society you live in.

Many of us realize the purpose of life very soon, but some of us spend half of our life to figure out the purpose…

We can’t decide who is determined and clear headed, and who is undecided and confused unless we know their purpose.

“Understanding the journey of life is important to fulfill the purpose of life”.

When we begin our journey, we define an objective to work toward and to achieve at the end, and that’s how we begin traveling to reach our ultimate goal, which we called as ‘Destination’.

Determined and clear headed people will walk straight (towards the final destination without any deviation), but people who are still in the process of finding their purpose of life, will deviate from their path in search of the right purpose.

Does this uncertainty define a person? I believe ‘No’

Sometimes we have decided a path for our-self and we start walking on it, but in the middle of our journey, we take left or right turn – maybe we realize a different or better purpose, could be inspired by someone else achievements, self-realization of being good at something else or may have better plan to add in something more meaningful in our as well as other’s life.

Sometimes the path taken is right, but sometimes it proves to be wrong. What should you do if you have chosen a wrong path in the middle? (a) Should you go back to the previous track again (take a U-turn)? Or (b) should you continue on the same path (believing wrong may prove right at the end)? Or (c) should you try to find out another way (a new path)?

(a) In my view taking a U-turn is a bad idea, you have come forward no matter the decision was wrong or right, and we have lived that part and left behind.

(b) Continuing on the path you think is wrong, is again not a right decision because you are hoping something will turn good at the end. There is no harm having a feeling of positivity, but fooling yourself is definitely not going to pay either.

(c) Look for another way means opting for another purpose. Seems risky, but who knows it can pay back. Again, you are betting on something which is uncertain.

This uncertainty will remain with us forever no matter how old we are and how much experience we have, we can never be sure our action and on life. We don’t know if we are doing something with good intent will remain good forever for others. This uncertainty will never go off with age.

Now that we know uncertainty will remain with us forever in some or the other way, It is better to have a purpose in life because that motivates us to keep moving until we reach our destination. A life without any purpose will have only starting point and such life will have endless travel with no destination. At some point, we have to realize our true worth and capability of adding something which is purposeful at the end.


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