Destiny – A Hidden Power Or An Excuse

What determines our destiny? Our words, our actions or everything is pre-decided?

Whatever we get in life is because of our destiny. Really? NO, I believe that’s not true. Then what about the hard work, efforts that we put in to get where we want to land.

Sometimes we may face failure even if we try hard. This does not mean that its a fault in our star. Think, rethink – maybe there is scope for improvement in things we are taking chance on. Possible right? Okay, let’s try again, trying, trying and keep trying. Again failed!!!  Now what? Certainly, it’s not in my destiny. I should stop fighting for it now. it’s a dead end. Think, rethink – there is no harm in trying again, I have faced the worst and nothing can add up to this, so let’s try one last time. Say what!! I have this now what I was trying for. Was this pre determined that I will have to face failure twice? Perhaps, not denying, but I couldn’t stop trying with this excuse. My action and efforts have determined my fate.

It fits everywhere not only in job, things or relationships. Statements will change when you will change your perspective towards it. Destiny is certainly a hidden power that keeps you motivated to work hard. Keep trying you will get what you trying for.

It will become an excuse only if you have not tried enough or you have accepted the failure as your destiny.

“We are here because that’s our destiny”… “Perhaps our journey ends here only. I will travel to find the meaning in life and you continue your journey but in our own separate ways. Maybe that’s our destiny”.

A strong will power and true intention will get you that what you want and the universe will help you to find the one.

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